Thursday, October 28, 2010

Messy Hand Lettering

Yo! What's good! This will be my last post before a little hiatus for about month and a half, I haven't been posting almost at all since September because I've been focusing on school, which has been going really well - I'm learning a lot and I definitely feel that it's been a good look in terms of expanding my horizons artistically. As always, I've been doing lots of my own art on the side, so here's a little taste of some new flavours I've been heating up - These are all acrylic paintings on random cardboard scraps - I'm moving right now so my canvas is all packed, but I was desperate to paint so I tore the cardboard backing off of a large drawing pad I had out and cut it up. Ps. I'm still waiting on some photos from projects a few months back so if those come through soon you'll see them asap!

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