Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back from the timewarp!

Malcom X and MLK Armwrestling as Observed by C. Delores Tucker, Tupac Shakur, Fred Hampton and Marcus Garvey (12x12in, acrylic on canvas, 2012) 

Yo!! Where have I been for the past like 3 months, you ask!? Obviously I was stuck in an epic time warp. Don't worry, I stayed busy painting while I was in there, and came back with some work to show. This first piece (above) was my submission for the group wall at the 5 Artists 1 Love show at the Alberta Gallery of Art in February. The phrase we were inspired by this year was 'Civil Rights Movements'. I chose to depict the dialectic creation of a collective black identity. The show was a smashing success, and the work was shown on Global and Breakfast TV, along with myself and a couple of the other artists fielding questions about our work.

Hammertime: Prototype (8x10in, acrylic on canvas, 2012)

If you've been checking out this blog for a while, you know I'm super down with robots. This is a hammer slammer robot I made up and painted a little while ago after seeing at a bunch of Warhammer stuff. He's slightly malfunctional, as evidenced by the bent nails all around him. Step your game up, robot homie!! It's cool though man, you're just a prototype, we'll get that worked out back at the lab. I did a couple other instalments in this series, but this has been my favourite so far. 

Tariq (60x48in, aerosol, 2012)

Here's a commission I completed a few weeks ago - this photo was taken just before I finished. I've since added a few tweaks and cut into the bright green with some photo-luminescent paint, meaning this piece has some serious pop with the lights out! 

Lastly, a couple more yet untitled additions to the Singularities series - I'm not sure if I'll be adding to these two or leaving them alone, but I like where they're at and figured I'd share them. Thanks for checking in! If you're in the Edmonton area, I'm painting live tonight at a Fashion and Art show put on by the fine folks behind Hip Hop in the Park, come check me out at 10279 Jasper ave starting at 7and going till 11pm. Word!

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