Thursday, August 12, 2010

The ROC is back!

Research on Control 3 (18x24" mixed media, 2010)

Research on Control 3 (detail)

Research on Control 4 (20x16", mixed media, 2010)

Research on Control 4 (detail)

Research on Control 3 (detail)

The ROC is back!! Here are two more additions to the Research on Control series as well as some detail shots, a couple process photos, and a pair of quick sketches that got things started. Back to school for me in September! J. Cole knows what I'm talkin about, hit the link and check him out...

The figures throughout this series were done entirely without models or photo references, which proved to be a challenge in some cases more than others, and although I'm happy with the results, I think my work will benefit from the classes I'm taking in the fall - especially the model studies in my upcoming drawing class. Knowledge is the key and we gotta be the locksmiths!

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