Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Marker Portrait

Whats good!? Here's another marker portrait I finished last week - Wiz Khalifa is at it again! I choose to do another portrait of Wiz because he's well known for being inked up from the feet up and my last portrait of the Taylor Gang star didn't really capture that aspect. I came across a good reference photo and wanted to try and catch the visual texture of all the tattoos on his hands using only markers. I chose to abstract the bottom of the piece as well as the background - Wiz is always talking about being a star and having a ton of star tattoos so I think it's an appropriate touch. This piece is about 3 times as big as the last one, and this scale seemed to work much better considering the nature of the medium. Jets in the building! Song after the j-j-jump - Wiz over the classic Pharcyde beat (Runnin) which was produced by the legendary J-Dilla (rest in power).

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