Friday, September 10, 2010

Marker Drawings

What's happenin'! Still waiting on photos from my last couple projects, so while we wait here's a pair of quick marker drawings I did this week...enjoy! The portrait is of Wiz Khalifa, a hiphop artist I've been up on lately, check for his video "Pittsburg Sound", one of the songs that blew him up, after the jump. I definitely prefer painting a portrait as opposed to doing it with markers, but they can save time and have some interesting characteristics as well. The bird logo is something I've been thinking about for a bit but is definitely not where I want it to be yet: I'm not happy with the palette yet and I still have some scale issues to work out within the lettering, so you might see a few reincarnations on here in the future.


  1. Thanks a ton man!! I got some more to post too once i get a minute to scan them all

  2. I really like your markers on Wiz Khalifa. Do you do color markers too? I wanted to have someone draw a hip hop artist type collage and was wondering if you might be interested. Hit me up if possible;