Friday, February 25, 2011

Crest Sketch Ready

Ayo what's happenin'? This is an initial drawing for a crest (click the pic to see it big) I'm currently working on for myself - I've been looking at a lot of crest and coats of arms lately, and its definitely been influencing my design aesthetic. Drawing these by hand has been challenging but rewarding - I'm super stoked on trying to hide little things here and there within the dense foliage elements that make up the outer body of the composition(see: Jerk chicken, spraypaint, #2 rounds, you know my steez! and the flags on the sides will be one Jamaican and one Canadian. Represent!!). This for me is about the excitement of the esoteric - I love the feeling you get when you discover something that not many people notice, those little key details that tell a more complicated story not everyone is listening for. This feeling is a big part of why I do visual art, and trying to share this feeling is often part of my motivation. This drawing is by no means a finished piece, but just an indication of a direction.
My friend Jarett and I have been exchanging critiques lately on each other's projects, and it's been a hella good look. I think that any artist or designer worth their weight knows that getting another set of eyes, especially an experienced set like Jarett's, to critique your work is invaluable. This goes doubly so when you've been staring at a project for a long time - a fresh, honest perspective is often the thing you need keep your style in check. Word! Back soon with some of the new work from the TU gallery show!

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