Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Musical Update

Hey! What's good? This is a time-lapse animation of the piece I did for Locution Revolution's LRT video last year (hit the fullscreen homie!) - they used the time lapse as a teaser for the video and the piece was a background for a big part of the video too. Big thanks to Nathanael J. Sapara for the photography and animation - good lookin' out chief!

This is the full video for Locution Revolution's LRT, one of my favourite tracks from these cats! It was a pleasure working on the video, and I was blessed enough to also exhibit alongside Khiry at the TU gallery show. Nathanael J. Sapara shot and directed this joint like a boss!

I have a few cameos in last year's Shiest - Props Pilin Up video too - check it out above. The guys asked if they could do some filming while I did the Guru tribute piece at last year's Hip Hop in the Park (check my July 2010 post) - peep for me around 1:30 and my art throughout the rest of the video. Shoutouts to my man Teagun who also shows up! I'll be back a.s.a.p with copies of the press from the TU and Latitude 53 gallery shows.

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