Sunday, July 10, 2011


FPG2 (4x4 feet, aerosol & acrylic, 2011)

(Rough Original Sketch)

Ayo!! What's good?! Back again with another project that was helping keep me mega busy over the past few weeks - this is a painting that will be used as a mixtape cover for Edmonton rapper Doobyis. The concept we ended up deciding on was to have Doobyis' name and the name of the mixtape, Feelin' Pretty Good 2, at the epicentre of an explosion in the middle of the canvas, blasting classic golden era beats and stoned cold lyrics to your dome quick. In between the black rays of the explosion are illustrations of some of the things Doobyis raps about on the album - girls, drinkin', smokin', writing rhymes and spittin' em, reading comics, etc. I was on a fairly tight timeline with this piece as the mixtape was pretty much finished and waiting to drop when he approached me about doing the cover art, so I didn't get as much time to work out the background composition as I would have liked, but I'm happy with the results and am looking forward to workin' with my man Doobs in the future. Get free copies of the FPG series right here, and check for him on Facebook under Doobyis. Feelin' Pretty Good!

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