Monday, July 25, 2011

R.O.C. - The Documentary

R.O.C: The Documentary

Whattup! Long wait, but its finally here! The R.O.C. Documentary was created by David N.O. as a school project about an artist, myself, getting ready for their first gallery showings at the TU and Latitude 53 galleries in Edmonton. The subtitle of Dave's project 'From the Streets to the Gallery' is a reference to the changing venue of one artist's work - graffiti artists create public art in the streets, and this documentary shows work born of that world ending up in the art galleries of the same city that used to arrest for it. I had a lot on my plate while this was being shot, between going to school full time, working, getting ready for two important shows, and trying to work on the documentary, and I think I seem a bit distracted throughout as a result, but hopefully for the most part I got my point across, if not always as articulately as I'd like. David N.O. from Dojo studios did a tight job of putting everything together - this project was his baby and luckily for me he is a talented and passionate individual. Dave did everything in house, from the original concept of the documentary to the filming to all the editing in post - the man has a well rounded game and a ton of vision. Check out his youtube channel if you'd like to see more more of his work. Also, major shoutout to DJ AA, also of Dojo, for the all original homegrown hiphop soundtrack. His beats knock. Ok, enough of this, enjoy the show!