Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finesse Home Living Mural

Greetings! What's percolatin'? Here are a couple quick shots of the mural I just finished at Finesse Home Living here in Edmonton (better photos soon!), where I'll likely also be showing my newest group of paintings (which have yet to hit the internet) over the next several months. They got in touch with me looking for something graffiti oriented to go along with the furniture in their new Environment brand showroom. Environment is an L.A. based furniture brand that designs consciously and is extremely aware of its own environmental footprint, going the length of making sure their business is carbon neutral every year through carbon credits, among other things. One of their furniture lines is built from reclaimed Peroba Rosa, an endangered Brazilian wood. They reclaim the wood from old Brazilian buildings and refinish it, satisfying the demand for furniture made from it without harvesting any living trees. I wanted to illustrate this and the rest of the brand's identity through the imagery and feel of the mural, as well as create something big and bright to scare people when they come around the corner!