Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boom! Robots.

Whoa, watch out big guy! This robot is about to earn himself a Darwin award, smoking while holding that dangerous bomb. What is he doing up there, you say? Smashing the city of course... Pesky robots!!! Where'd they come from, you ask? Read on...

Yo! So a funny thing happened yesterday. I was chillin' at my homie Bmar's house in Sylvan Lake, and then 'BOOM!' all of a sudden (over the course of 13 hours) a gang of giant robots busted through the wall!! They were being real jackasses, savagely demolishing buildings and wreaking havoc on infrastructure with their lasers and bombs, but you know how robots are.

This guy kept rapping in weird robot voice the whole time, it was pretty good i guess.

But yeah, pretty much a battleground in there. And you know those damn robots aren't sticking around to help clean up.

This robot had a fancy hat. 

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