Friday, October 21, 2011

Train Harder

Train Harder (watercolour & india ink on paper, 2011)

(original sketch)

Ayo homies! Here's another page out of my recently completed watercolour sketchbook - the first page in fact. A couple of posts ago I mentioned how I was placing bits of advice and inspiration for myself throughout the work, and here the message is to train harder. The sketchbook was mostly meant to tone up my watercolour, pen-and-nib, and hand-rendered typography skills, but ended up being a great place to study composition as well. I'm fairly happy with the overall composition and execution of this particular piece but by the end of the sketchbook (I ended up doing 21 paintings and 3 unpainted drawings in 2 weeks) I was more confident with contrast and colour choices, although overall this was still one of my favourites. Check back for more soon, and tell me what you think of the new style!

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