Friday, October 21, 2011

Many Mouths, One Voice

Many Mouths, One Voice (watercolour & india ink on paper, 2011)

Truth To Self (watercolour & india ink on paper, 2011)

Two in a day?!? Damn straight. Here are a couple more pages from the beginning of my sketchbook. The one at the top, 'Many Mouths, One Voice' is a commentary on corporate control of the media, and I'll leave it at that. The second image, which is the second barbershop scene from my sketchbook, is called 'Truth to Self', and isn't quite done in the photo - I recently inked his face and the hand with the clippers, which I think added some much needed contrast within the subjects. Both photos have had the colours slightly rebalanced digitally because the scanner seemed to have trouble picking up the contrast and full range of colour - the 'Truth to Self' image still isn't quite popping the way it does in real life, so I think I need to iron out a few more kinks in my digitizing process before I post any more from this sketchbook. On to the next one!

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