Friday, January 27, 2012


Desert of the Future (acrylic, aerosol on canvas)

Untitled/Mushrooms (mixed media on canvas)

Yo! Here are a couple pieces of the pieces I'm showing for the first time at the Finesse Home Living gallery (4210 Gateway Blvd) here in Edmonton, starting Feb 1st. They're part of a series that is a proposition on the potential aesthetics of a singularity event - come check out the show to see more of what I've been up to, I'm really proud of this series and the new directions it represents! I've just recently finished up with a few big parts of the March for Understanding campaign for the Centre for Race and Culture, and have submitted my piece for the Wall at the 5 Artists 1 Love show at the AGA this year, and am having another piece framed by my lovely and ever supportive girlfriend Leah just in time for the show! Stoked! See you next week!

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