Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Al Fresco 2012

Superfresh (aerosol and rain on canvas, 2012)

(halfway through)

(original sketch)

Greetings homies! Above is a piece I did last Saturday at the Al Fresco 104th St Block Party, along with a shot at about halfway through and the thumbnail drawing I brought as a sketch. This year the block party was raising funds for Zebra Child Protection Centre, a child abuse response centre, among other things, here in Edmonton. The event went really well for the most part, but ended up getting rained on something fierce — it was a big challenge to finish all the fine detail work to finish as aerosol and rain aren't that friendly, but it gone done! Bid on my piece (#81) or any of the other rad auction items right here — 100% of the proceeds go to the Zebra Child Protection Centre. My man Danskee did a super sick stencil too! I also happen to be graduating tonight from a 3-year design program here in Edmonton, and although it's good to be done, I've been in school forever (I studied several '-ology's before choosing design school), so it's been a trip figuring out this whole 'real world' business. I was lucky enough to do an internship recently at the Alberta Gallery of Art with the design/marketing team, including the chillin' villainous design mastermind that is Clay Lowe (a sick designer, artist, and all around rad dude), the slick hustlin' monster wrasslin' Josh Holinaty (The thugged-out illustrator, you ask? Yes, indeed!), the fly friendly force of fashion that is Janis Galloway (of fame, who also happened to organize the fashion show at Al Fresco), as well as a big roomful of other really great folk. After the internship I was hired on for a few weeks to help finish a couple big projects I'd been working on, including a bunch of signage design, some form building, and rebuilding a layout system for an important multipage semi-annual. I learned a ton, and am super grateful to everyone at the AGA for the opportunity and the positive experience! Since then I've been busy with some freelance design work, a bunch of commissions, and getting ready for a summer camp I'll be teaching next month — but more about that later! Thanks a ton for coming through, and I hope to catch you soon!


  1. Yay!! Thanks for the shout out, and love your piece from Al Fresco!!!

  2. It was so nice seeing you there Adrian! The final product turned out really great!!

  3. Hells yeah!!! Thanks so much homies, it was super rad seeing you there too!!