Saturday, June 16, 2012


Bikeology (36x48in, aerosol on canvas, 2012)

Aloha! What's crackin? This is a piece I painted live a few hours ago during 2012's Bikeology Festival up here in Edmonton. I had about 4 hours to set up and paint it, and wanted to create something loose, full of motion, and funky that reflected the energy of the festival, so I basically just freestyled it on the spot. This was the festivals 11th year in a row (and it's only rained once! mother nature has their back) and it was hella good time. Bikeology is a local, annual festival that celebrates the invention of the bicycle, often with an emphasis on more sustainable urban transportation in general. I can dig it. There were some dope musical performances this year, including Politic Live and Quordal Fusion (who smashed it!), and some crazy bike related activities are open to the public every year — all the audio equipment for the music is actually powered by people on bikes attached to generators, which are set up by Music is a Weapon (a rad local social enterprise). You can also blend your own smoothie using only bike power, and you can roll through and get your bike doctored up by an expert bikeologist. Props to Carly and the rest of the team that put the event on, and shout out to my man Jesse for the linkup! 

PS. So far I've had some seriously amazing responses to the contest from last post — thanks so much everbody, and keep 'em comin'!!!

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