Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kaleido Festival 2012 pt.1

Ayo! I'm back with a photo of one of the pieces I painted last weekend at Kaleido festival on 118th avenue. The photo is by my man Nutly, Edmonton's hiphop documentarian who's on his Henry Chalfant game for real. For those who don't know, certain areas along 118th ave have historically had a reputation for being tougher areas of town. Over the past few years, a lot of amazing work has been done to pull 118th ave together as a community and erase that reputation for good, and the motto 'we believe in 118' has been placed in business and community centre windows all down the ave. I painted this piece to help support the movement, and if Kaleido fest this year was any indication, things on 118th are coming along pretty damn well! I also painted several Exquisite Corpse style pieces in collaboration with 3 other artists, and am just waiting on the photos to come out. Catch you soon!

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