Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Zombiffany: The Shaolin Zombie 50's Housewife
(comic book cover, digital and traditional media, 2012)

OH SNAP! Is that a Shaolin Zombie, or a housewife from the 50's? Both?! Good Lord, have mercy, that can't be a bucket of BRAINS, can it?! What kind of comic book is this!? Does this comic book even exist? Only time will tell, my friends. As for the cover art, I created it using a combination of digital and traditional media. It's all an homage to my hella good friend Tiffany Tate, who loves zombies, B-movies, and 1950's culture. I know, she's awesome. She's also an extremely deadly illustrator. Zombiffany probably takes out her victims with a combination of deadly Kung Fu (like 5 Deadly Venoms deadly) and fierce wet towel whipping from that washcloth. Then she takes their brains back home to her zombie family. Zombiffany: Bringin' home the bacon brains. Word up. Have a gander at the original sketch below.

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