Monday, May 23, 2011

More Practice!

Jets, fool! Here are a couple hand studies I did a couple months ago in graphite. Practice makes perfect, and I still need practice! Hands are extremely expressive, and look great when worn at the wrist. I used my own hand as a reference, and yes, my fingers are freakishly long, knobbly, spindly things.

Here are a couple old 3-point perspective studies I did a while back, relatively quick practice pieces that ended up sloppier and much less refined than I would have liked, but were good practice for some of the things I'm working on now. The top one is an early watercolour concept sketch for Flavour City (obviously the capital of Flavour Country), and the bottom one was an early concept sketch for a Y.E.S.S. (Youth Emergency Shelter Society) student ad campaign. Not happy with the line quality or perspective in either one, but every wack mistake represents something good to learn, so I seek 'em out. More practice!

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