Sunday, May 29, 2011

Legal Dragon

What's percolatin'?!? This is a dragon I painted here in Edmonton (Canada) on a free art wall downtown - anyone can come here and paint whatever they want. I think it's something the city has been fairly forward thinking on in terms of concept - the only problems are the area it's in is pretty seedy, which scares off a lot of kids who might want to do some art, and knowledge of the spot seems to be spread solely by word of mouth. I've had cops roll up all suspicious several times and start interrogating me because they themselves had no idea we were allowed to be there! A few awkward phone calls later things are usually cleared up. That said, I'm friends with a couple locals in the area and they are always mega stoked to see new art going up, and sometimes offer me a shopping cart to stand on if I'm trying to paint something really tall. My man Charlie, what it do!! Thanks for checking me out and catch you on the flip!

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