Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak Peek at Tha Format

What's good!? Here's a piece I did for an upcoming project called Tha Format - it's an upcoming TV show focused on representing the 4 elements of Hiphop to a youth audience. The show is gonna be dope, shedding some light on some fly local talent. Tha Format features some segments that appear every episode and teach people about Hiphop one element at a time - for example, my man Taro is going to take out a classic record and show you first how to sample it and chop it up, then make a beat with it.
The piece I did is gonna be the general background for the show, as it's in the main studio space. While I was painting it, I was getting filmed and photographed, so there's gonna be an animated sequence featuring the production of the piece as one of the graffiti segments and possibly the intro. I tried to represent within the work the major 4 territories claimed by Hiphop culture, those being DJing, MCing, BBoying, and Graffiti. Overall, this took me around 11 hours or so, but I had to keep stopping to dance cause the beats were hype!


  1. Ha haaaa!! I can just see you bebopping to the beats. Love it.

  2. This is so ill they should call it bird flu! Love the green spooge clouds, you've definitely got those on lock!