Monday, November 7, 2011

One Click, Two Robots.

Yo! Check it out - two large robots! One is flexin' his laser and showing off his Edsel with his devil-bot robo-spy girlfriend. I painted him between yesterday and today to get my watercolour style tighter. Still needs work. The other is made of spraypaint, and is also flexin' his laser, chillin' solo on the legal wall here in Edmonton. Straight blastin'. No big. I freestyled him today cause I was heinously unprepared and had random paint and no letters sketched, but I had a hella good time kickin' it and painting with the homie Billiam, and am still rather happy with how the robot came out. Blizzaoow!! (that's the sound of a laser. I made it a lot while painting both of these.)

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