Sunday, July 25, 2010

Colours Art Supply Mural

Almost done!

This was a mural I produced as a demo along with a tutorial yesterday, July 24th at the south Edmonton Colours location (7371 104st) in Alberta, Canada. I painted the piece and taught the lesson within about 4 hours. The owners of the building wanted something eye-catching because nobody could find the place, and they also wanted to provide customers with a tutorial on use of the Montana Gold brand spray paint that they sell. You know your man was more than happy to help them out! I started by giving the students handouts with a few tips on which caps to use when, and showed them how to hold a can to get more control as well as a couple techniques to practice to help their can control, then answered any of their questions as I started working. About halfway through I took a break and showed them some things they wanted to learn on a few scrap boards. Teaching was fun, and I'd be interested in trying it again - I feel like I learn a lot about my own process as I share it. Big ups to everyone that came out!! In terms of the mural, I wanted it to be legible but stylized and fun, and my time was restricted quite a bit by lesson length and budget. I used art supplies to represent some of the letters and stylized the other letters to try show the diversity in styles of art, and also so I could show my students a wide variety of techniques throughout the piece.

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