Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Research on Control 2 (and R.o.C.1 revisited)

Research on Control 2 (22x30'' mixed media, 2010)

Don't ask me why these dudes are wearing spandex pants...

I did a few of these sketches quickly early on but
most of them felt too posed so i went bigger.

Research on Control 1 (40x30'', aerosol and acrylic on canvas, 2010)

Back again to get it crackin'! I've been busy lately working on a new series called Research on Control - remember the piece above from a few posts back? It was just the first in a series I'm doing on the struggle for control of public visual space, and I just put the finishing touches on the second in the series (top of this post). I needed to do this series to express concepts about control of public visual space that I've wrestled with for several years now and have never been able to properly articulate with words. Other than that, I'll try and let the work speak for itself. Completely unrelated video after the jump! This one goes out to all my DJ homies on the grind - I got you!

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  1. Mr. Louden, I am sincerely impressed with the depth of thought and conscience that goes into your work. Continue pushing to make your voice known, your view shown, and to express your opinion on situations you can't atone...