Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cycloptopus vs. Scuba Ninja

      What's percolatin'!? Artwalk went great, more photos later, but for now here are some process photos from the skateboard I started at Artwalk this year (and finished at home shortly after) - "Cycloptopus vs. Scuba Ninja" (Acrylic, 2010). The concept development behind this project was kind of freestyled; I just started mixing paint and throwing it at the skateboard to get a loose background, and basically just went from there with the first ideas that came to mind. I'm a cephalopod fan, like many people, as well as a fan of ninjas. I probably would have put a laser in here but they don't work well under water.
      Trying to document my art has been a bit of a problem for me so far, I don't have too much camera experience yet, so I'm always impressed by people that do it up right. On that note, I'm gonna take a page out of my homie Jarett's book and leave you with a dope joint off of the new Big Boi album - this one goes out to all the shutterbugs out there... do ya damn thang!


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