Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Perspective Study

Yo! Here's another pen and ink perspective study - still not happy at all with the line quality or consistency of perspective, but I feel like it's getting better. More practice! I'm planning on hitting this with either some watercolour or going at it digitally, at which I have less experience. Should be fun! I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks - tomorrow (Friday June 3rd) I'm showing two pieces in Nextfest, an annual arts event at the Roxy theater, and I'm looking forward to showing the work, and seeing Kaz Mega preform later on - peep his latest video here. My favorite lyric is the one about Dragon Punching through life and making the new floor out of the old ceiling. Next weekend is the premiere of Tha Format, the Hiphop TV show I'm helping with, and the premiere is being combined with the HNL Bboy competition, which brings out ridiculous dance talent every event - for proof check out my homie Dave's music video based around the competition held earlier this year (the big dude with the orange shirt mashes it up fierce!). Also, on the 11th I'm participating alongside Curly and Danskee, two talented local artists, to help raise funds for an E4C program that provides lunches for schoolkids who can't afford them. Everybody's gotta eat!!

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