Monday, June 13, 2011

Peanut Butter and Jelly

PB&J (8'x4' aerosol on plywood, 2011)

(original sketch)

What's crackin'? Here are some photos of the process and final product of the work I created at the 4th Street Al Fresco Block Party in Edmonton which was on Saturday the 11th. I donated this piece to be auctioned off later on that night to raise money for the E4C program, a charity which is currently raising money to make sure every kid has lunch at school. I chose to do a big peanut butter and jelly sandwich because E4C makes kids happy, and as a little kid I loved PB&J and the hundreds of variations (bananas and honey yo!) as a regular lunch staple. The piece was done on raw plywood for that extra-wholesome texture and flavour. The block party was hella fun, the beats dropped by Dane and Junior Brown had everyone going off, and overall it was a well organized event. Later that night was the premiere of the pilot episode of Tha Format alongside the HNL 5 bboy competition and art battle, but I'll save that for another post...

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