Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Gas Pump

(Make sure to click on the photo above to check out the full size!
All Photos: the lovely & talented Diana Duzbaeyeva)

(I cut a stencil for the Gas Pump logo, but it took me forever to paint the Wiserhood crest with a couple tiny brushes! I used a metallic powder finish to make the bling serious)

Yo! I just got the photos back from the Gas Pump mural I did earlier this summer. This wall was one of the longest I've painted so far - 36 feet across - and included a lot of small detail, including hand painted logos, which took a ton of time. The mural was commissioned by The Gas Pump, a bar/nightclub up here in Edmonton that wanted to update its image as new owners were taking over and the whole place was being given a makeover. My good friend Diana Duzbaeyeva and I were hired to create a new logo (which you can see at the top of the second photo), menu, business cards, flyers, and a mural along with photography. We co-designed all of the print media, which ended up coming out really well, and I took care of the mural while Di took photos. The bright colours blasting out of the DJ booth (which is actually straight in real life, but the lens of the camera skewed it for the photo, which is actually a composite of 3 photos since the mural is so long) and out from behind the bar represent the life of the party, provided in this case by music and great drinks. Everyone was thankfully ecstatic over the end results, which made all those hours before the bar opened in the mornings spent with my face 8 inches from that wall totally worth it. If you're in the area (it's on 101st ave and 114th st) stop by, have a drink, and check it out!

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