Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Photoshop Required! YWCA Camp.

(Photo credit: Leah Erickson)
Whaaat!! Trippy photo right? It came out of the camera like this, no photoshop required!

The finished piece.

What's percolatin?? Here are some photos of a piece I painted yesterday at the YoWoChAs camp in Fallis, Alberta. I've had a great summer so far, and as part of giving back I donated some time to create a mural for the kid's camp. They wanted something painted on the netting in their archery range to liven it up a little, as well as to inform and remind people that the camp is YWCA sponsored. It took quite a bit of paint because the netting really soaked it up, but in the end with enough coats the colours really started to pop, and my lovely and talented girlfriend Leah took some crazy looking photos of the sun shining through the netting. Terry and the other fine folks at the camp, who were in the middle of leadership training, were mega hospitable, and say the kids will be super pumped when they show up for camp next week. Yeah!! On to the next one!


  1. "Puffy is good, but Adrian Louden is for the children."

  2. Dude I went to this camp for like 5 years when I was a kid. Amazing experience. Good job it looks great!

  3. LOL @ Jarett - like ODB at the 98 grammys right? @Alex Thanks a ton!! Man that's awesome, it seemed like a rad place to be, the lake looked so damn inviting!!